Vichien Phongsathorn

Chairman of Premier Group of Companies

Vichien Phongsathorn

Chairman of Premier Group of Companies


Having dedicated much of his time over the past two decades in the service of social causes, Vichien has nurtured numerous initiatives which seek to engage citizen participation in solving civic issues through various platforms for collaboration. Some of the foundations he established are below.

• Yuvabadhana Foundation – Founded in 1993, they aim to tackle inequality and support disadvantaged children through the provision of quality education and opportunities needed to improve themselves and become responsible adults in the society.

• Enlive Foundation – A platform with the main mission to promote, encourage and implant awareness of the preservation of natural resources, environmental conservation and restoration. The foundation also works on developing sustainable eco-systems and eco-tourism opportunities.

• Khon Thai Foundation – A social-purpose organization that focuses on the development of collaborative platforms. They work on enabling multiple stakeholders to connect, collaborate, and share resources systematically.

• BKIND mutual fund – Thailand’s first socially responsible investment mutual fund. The fund enables capital market sector actors to contribute to social development by investing in Thai-listed companies that exercise high standard in social responsibility in four key areas: environment, social, good governance and anti-corruption, as well as on meeting sustainability targets.

• Media Fund for Social Justice – Founded in 2018 with three main objectives: 1) Raise standard in the media for ethical and quality aspects; 2) Provide support and opportunities for emerging investigative journalists and pioneering news organizations; and 3) Support to transform news stories into real life, sustainable social impact.

Apart from founding several platforms for collaboration, Vichien is also serving as the Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT) which aims to serve as a social force that mobilizes Thai people and society in rejecting all forms of corruption.

Vichien is an active corporate leader in Thailand who is committed to driving business with values of sustainability and social impact for all stakeholders within value chains and communities. With the ultimate goal of achieving a “Harmonious Alignment of Success” in all his business and charitable initiatives, Vichien sees it as essential that businesses contribute values to the society and to their employees.

Vichien graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BSc degree in Nuclear Engineering as well as his Master of Business Administration.

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Plenary Session: “Stronger together”

15 Nov 2019
11.00 - 12.30
Le Concorde Ballroom