Daichi Konuma (Keynote)

Co-Founder and CEO, Cross Fields

Daichi Konuma (Keynote)

Co-Founder and CEO, Cross Fields


Daichi Konuma is the CEO and a co-founder of Cross Fields, a Not-For-Profit Organization in Japan, with a mission to develop leaders who make a difference to their organizations and create social value. The organization has been bridging NGOs and Social Enterprises in Asia and Japanese Corporates to create new values for the society.

With almost 10 years of his experience with Cross Fields in working alongside with social sectors and corporates, their projects have supported social issues and helped empowering volunteers that foster “Unlocking the power of Volunteering”- which is the keynote message Daichi will focus and address.

Daichi is a graduate of Hitotsubashi University and holds MA in Sociology. From 2005-2007, he spent Two-year field experience as a JICA volunteer in Syrian Arab Republic. After that, he worked at McKinsey & Company. His passion has always been about contributing back to the global community. While he was working full-time, he also ran a study group called “Compass Point” where the group meet and discuss with social entrepreneurs. In 2011, seeing that there are many corporate employees who wanted to contribute to the society with their skill and time, he co-founded Cross Fields.

Cross Fields provides Corporate Volunteering Program (CVP) by matching the skills of Japanese corporate employees to NGOs and social enterprises in a project from 2-12 months as volunteers using their professional skills. They work as a team with local groups or enterprises, and assist in fields such as health care, technology, environment, agriculture or other improvements in livelihood. The organization commits to deliver to both NGOs/ Social Enterprises and Japanese Corporates. For social sector, the programs are designed to contribute to solving social issues by utilizing professional skills and expertise. For corporates sector, the programs aim to develop leaders who will revitalize the companies with their renewed passions towards their work.

Since its foundation in 2011, the organization has received a great support from their partners across sectors and countries. They have connected more than 30 Japanese corporates with nearly 70 organizations across Asia and created significant impact on both business and society. They have collaborated with NHK Media Technology, Inc., Asahi, Panasonic, Hitachi, Nissan, only to name a few. Social sectors that have partnered with Cross Fields are such as Rachel House (Indonesia), So! Nutritious (Cambodia), Hanoi Safe Vegetables and Food Exchange (Vietnam), Neurosynaptic Communications (India).

In 2012, they were selected as one of the investees of Social Venture Partners Tokyo. The organization was awarded for “Japan HR Award” in 2014 and received the “Nikkei Social Initiative Award” in 2015.

Daichi’s accomplishments include being selected as a Global Shaper (Tokyo HUB) by the World Economic Forum in 2011. He is also an executive board member of Japan Association of New Public (JANP) and the Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC). In 2016, Harvard Business Review selected Daichi as one of Japan’s top 20 innovative leaders under 40. His publication, “How to discover the purpose of work” was also launched the same year.


For further information about Cross Fields, Please visit http://en.crossfields.jp/

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