Breakout Sessions: Make the invisible visible

13 Nov 2019
15.30 - 17.00

Breakout Sessions: Make the invisible visible

1. Invisible volunteers (CANCELED)
Empowering vulnerable groups though volunteering and how to make the invisible visible through volunteering
MUHAMMAD HAMMAD UR REHMAN Deputy Director VIS, University of Central Punjab
FAHAD SALEEM Project Coordinator, Islamic Relief Pakistan

OMAR CHOWDHURY Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Development Services (CDS)

2. The invisible volunteer power in communities (Room: SALON B)
How to make the community-led approach work.
Factors, models and development of community organisations
ANNA CHARLY JEYARAJ Director – International Volunteer Programs, Habitat for Humanity India
PROF. JUEI-CHI WANG Research Fellow, Institute of International Relations, National Chengchi University
YU MIN LIN Ph.D Candidate, Depatment of Political Science
SUTHYE TEH CEO, Global Peace Foundation Malaysia


3. Make the Invisible potential of volunteers in crisis settings and emergencies visible. (Room: SALON A)
The role of mothers and big sisters for early childhood care and education in crisis-situations.
How to prepare for an emergency- situations with an effective structures and volunteer management process to access the full potential of volunteering
MICHELLE KITNEY Chief Executive, Volunteering New Zealand
NALITRA THAIPRASERT Evaluation and Research Specialist for Education, VSO

LORRIE FOSTER Director of Corporate Strategy, the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE)

4. Promoting volunteering through policies (Room: JAMJUREE)
Practices and challenges of promoting volunteering through policies.
BHOLA BHATTARAI Advisor, National Forum for Advocacy, Nepal
CHIEN-SONG CHEN Chairman, Volunteering Taiwan
MUHAMMAD HAMMAD UR REHMAN Deputy Director VIS, University of Central Punjab

UNDRAL GOMBODORJ Chairperson, Network of Mongolian Volunteer Organizations

5. The invisible impact on volunteers (Room: RACHAVADEE)
Volunteering as a key for mental wellbeing and happiness
DONNI HADI WALUYO Subject Matter Expert, Sociopreneur Indonesia
POON FUNG OI Scarlet, Service Head of Integrated Mental Health Service, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service

DESSY ALIANDRINA Executive Director, SociopreneurID

6. Unlocking the power of youth through service-learning (Room: KRISNA)
How meaningful volunteering in service-learning is unlocking the future of youth, developing future leader and creates employability.
RUNIY MALDUDManager, Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa
CARLO GARCIA Executive Director, Environmental Studies Institute, Miriam College
LEAH CZARINA ANDAL-GUEVARRA Programs Coordinator of Miriam Identity, Spirituality and Mission Office, Miriam College
CHALIE CHAROENLARPNOPPARUT Vice President of Academic Affairs, Thammasat University

MIKA NAKAHARA President, Risk Management Office for Japanese Nonprofits