Volunteer Spirit Network (VSN)


Volunteer Spirit Network (VSN)

Volunteer Spirit Network (VSN) is a Thailand-based organization. We began one year after the 2004 Tsunami incident, seeing the strong desire of people who wanted to help and the communities that needed it. VSN is, thus, a rebirth of the conglomeration of social workforce that brings together the volunteers who helped in the Tsunami disaster and those who place a significance of volunteerism and giving in the society. The organization aims to foster and enhance volunteerism from both organizational and individual aspects throughout Thailand.

VSN is the first and largest volunteering database provider in the country. With 14 years of establishment, our goal is to initiate an enabling environment of volunteering in Thailand so that Thai citizens can participate more effectively in sustainable development. We focus on three pillars of a successful volunteer sector. The first pillar is helping the organizations, advocacy groups and services which seek to mobilize volunteers to do so as effectively and meaningfully as possible. The second pillar is contributing to an environment which facilitates and maximizes volunteer engagements. We have provided training for volunteer engagement in order to help organizations building expertise to manage and utilize volunteers effectively and inclusively. We also work across sectors and involves in many levels. We collaborate across government sectors, NGOs, education and business sectors to provide services such as volunteer manager capacity building, volunteer program development, community assessment and evaluation as well as civic engagement learning package. The third pillar is inspiring more of Thailand’s citizens to recognize their social capital and to direct it into supporting sustainable development. We create a nationwide awareness program by developing a storytelling program to encourage Thai volunteers to share their experiences in civic engagement and volunteering such as organizing an annual National Conference on Volunteerism as well as an annual Volunteer Expo.

For national level, we are a part of National Commission on Volunteering Promotion under Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. This allows us to advocate several policies related to promote volunteering and giving in Thai society especially establishing National Volunteer Center in Thailand. For international level, we are proud to be an active national leadership organization of the International Association of Volunteer Efforts (IAVE) and work closely with national volunteer agencies across Asia.

If you would like to know more about us, please visit www.volunteerspirit.org