Daichi Konuma (Keynote)

Co-Founder and CEO, Cross Fields

Plenary Speakers


Yuen Yee Elsie WAN

Director and Volunteer Officer, Empowering Life Network and Agency For Volunteer Service

Valerie Yeo

Manager; Co-Founder, Ministry of Manpower; Adona Foundation

Nicholas Lee

Manager, Youth Corps Singapore

Priscilla Morley

Corporate Social Investment Specialist, Discovery Johannesburg Area

Yip Shiu Hung

Registered Qualified Instructor, Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service


Founder, Youth Volunteer Service for Eco-Friendship


This conference runs through all 5 days from 11 - 15 november 2019.
We also provide free lunch and coffee break in each day. View Full Program
Day 1
12 Nov 2019
Day 2
13 Nov 2019
Day 3
14 Nov 2019
Day 4
15 Nov 2019

Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony (45 min)
• IAVE’s Welcome Message by KYLEE BATES World President, the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE)
• Volunteer Spirit Network’s Welcome Message by NUNTINEE MALANON, Manager, Volunteer Spirit Network
• Opening Remark by CHUTI KRAIRIKSH, Minister of Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (Thailand)
Keynote speaker, DAICHI KONUMA (KEYNOTE), Co-Founder and CEO, Cross Fields
Daichi Konuma (Keynote)

Plenary Session: “Unlocking the Power of Volunteering”

Plenary Session: “Unlocking the Power of Volunteering” (90 min)
What are the locks and what is the power of volunteering once we have the key. The theme will be viewed and discussed from the different perspectives of representatives from policy implementation, volunteer-involving organization and the corporate sector.

• SAYAKA SONOBE, Manager Project Operation Department, The Nippon Foundation Volunteer Support Center
• CHUNG WOON FAN, FLORA, CEO, Agency for Volunteer Service
• KINJAL JAIN, Deputy Manager - Community Services at Tata Sustainability Group
Moderator: HATTAYA WONGSAENGPAIBOON Volunteering for Development, Technical Lead, VSO
Sayaka Sonobe
Hattaya Wongsaengpaiboon
Chung Woon Fan, Flora
Kinjal Jain

Breakout Sessions: Unlocking the lock

1. Unlocking the Silver Power of Volunteering
Volunteering and other active ageing approaches

2. Unlocking with technology
Making volunteering a popular lifestyle through apps and online platforms.
How online platforms can help volunteers and social organisations to find the right match to do more and better together.

3. Volunteering is unlocking the power of youth
How meaningful volunteering is unlocking the future of youth, develops future leader and creates employability.

4. Unlocking the power of volunteering with Social Entrepreneurs.
The link between Social Entrepreneurs and Volunteering and how collaboration creates agent of change on both sides

5. Unlocking the power of volunteering with social media
How social media can bust awareness of the social cause close to your heart and helps to reach volunteers and other supporters.

6. Unlocking the power of volunteering with effective volunteer management
How to activate and motivate different personalities and recruit, retain, and recognise volunteers. Two different kinds of research and experience angles and how both can support and boost your volunteer management.

7. Unlocking the power of volunteering with Empathy
How to create awareness and empathy for the people in need through storytelling, verbal, non-verbal communication and design education.

Breakout Sessions: Make the invisible visible

1. Invisible volunteers (CANCELED)
Empowering vulnerable groups though volunteering and how to make the invisible visible through volunteering

2. The invisible volunteer power in communities
How to make the community-led approach work.
Factors, models and development of community organisations

3. Make the Invisible potential of volunteers in crisis settings and emergencies visible.
The role of mothers and big sisters for early childhood care and education in crisis-situations.
How to prepare for an emergency- situations with an effective structures and volunteer management process to access the full potential of volunteering

4. Promoting volunteering through policies
Practices and challenges of promoting volunteering through policies.

5. The invisible impact on volunteers
Volunteering as a key for mental wellbeing and happiness

6. Unlocking the power of youth through service-learning
How meaningful volunteering in service-learning is unlocking the future of youth, developing future leader and creates employability.

Plenary Session: “Simple but not simpler”

Plenary Session: "Simple but not simpler" (90 minutes)
How do we ensure organisations that work through and with volunteers are both impactful and responsible in their practice
The experts in the panel will share inspiring best practices in the different areas ‘Duty of Care’, ‘Volunteer Management’, ‘Designing and Delivering Volunteering Programs’ and ‘Measuring Volunteer Impact’ as part of the global standards of volunteering.

• PROF. GRACE AGUILING DALISAY, System Director, Ugnayan ng Pahinungód, University of the Philippines
• WENDY OSBORNE OBE, Senior Consultant, the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE)
• SOPHAT SORN, Founder/Director, Cambodia Youth Action
• NALITRA THAIPRASERT, Evaluation and Research Specialist for Education, VSO
Moderator: RAHIM HASSANALI, Volunteering Leadership Project Manager, VSO
Sophat Sorn
Wendy Osborne OBE
Nalitra Thaiprasert

Breakout Sessions: Simple but not simpler

1. Make your volunteer program simple but impactful
How to get ready and set up a new volunteering programme

2. Make your Youth Volunteering Program simple and impactful
How to develop and manage successful volunteer programs and engage and empower youth

3. Volunteer Management in social services
How to recruit and incorporate your volunteer program in social service organisations.
Psychological models to understand the perspectives of volunteers and service users

4. Inclusive volunteering Volunteering is for everyone!
Volunteer development and capacity building through training and mixed modality approaches

5. E-volunteering, Micro volunteering and social currency
to make volunteering simple and accessible

6. Responsible Volunteering – Do no harm!
Let’s promote responsible volunteering!
What to do to prevent any crimes or troubles from happening?
Who is responsible for reducing risks or for handling a situation when something terrible should happen?
When risks happen, they could harm people you primarily want to support.

Breakout Sessions: Flipping the SDGs

1. Monitoring the SDG’S
Pairing advocacy channels with volunteers to engage citizen and strengthen their relationship with authorities in power
Meaningful engagement through community-led monitoring and social media to engage in activities around the SDGs and the Volunteer National Review.

2. Partnering for SDGs
Transformative corporate partnerships and how to strengthening the sector with a partnership framework and measuring the social value of employee volunteering

3. Unlocking volunteering in rapid growing metropolitan and culturally diverse communities
Adopted volunteer models in a changing world of migration and rapid growth. How to create a volunteer mind-set to create new happy communities in culturally diverse populations.

4. Let’s Talk Volunteering!
An opportunity to meet members of the IAVE Team and find out more about the work of the organisation including meeting the new Executive Director Nichole Cirillo. We will share what is happening with leadership development, global corporate volunteering, working with partners to deliver the SDGs and IAVE’s newest initiative ‘Volunteering Together’, find out about Global Friends and Ambassadors for Volunteering.

5. Let’s Creative Innovative Ways of Collaboration Across Asia Pacific
Join this interactive forum to meet and connect with practitioners from different sectors. Learn about their development projects and how it might link to your work. Actively engage to find practical ways of working together and creating new forms of collaborations for the benefit of all.

Plenary Sesion: “Flipping the SDGs conversation”

Plenary Sesion: "Flipping the SDGs conversation" (90 minutes)
Instead of asking ‘what are the SDGs?’, let us ask ‘what makes the life of disadvantaged people better?’. How volunteering can contribute to sustainable development, and what is happening in the region?’.
The plenary we will share and discuss from different angles how we can encourage and provide accessibility to people from all walks of life to engage in volunteerism. Also, what does ‘leave no-one behind’ mean for volunteering today? How is volunteering reaching into the lives of the poorest people? (* SDGs is UN’s Sustainable Development Goals).

• ADRIENNE PICONE, Chief Executive Officer, Volunteering Australia
• PROFESSOR VIRASAKDI CHONGSUVIVATWONG Executive Director, Institute of Research and Development for Health of Southern Thailand
• MANON BERNIER, Regional Portfolio Manager, Asia and the Pacific for the United Nations Volunteer program (UNV)
Moderator: RENAUD MEYER, UNDP Resident Representative to Thailand
Manon Bernier
Renaud Meyer
Adrienne Picone
Professor Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong

Breakout Sessions: Stronger together

1. Strong together in the South
South-South volunteer exchange and collaboration across Asia Pacific.

2. Collaboration across multiple sectors
Learn about the 3P (People, Public and Private) whole of society framework and best practice of multi-sector collaboration in the Rohingia camps.

3. Corporate collaboration and engagement
Innovations for corporate collaborations and engagement such as platform for corporate leader, pro bono service and corporate volunteering programmes

4. Bringing the volunteer and corporate sector together
Building strategic goals together and creating shared values

5. Do it together-Innovative forms of Mega volunteering
Innovative forms of mega volunteering across sectors in a one day social purpose activity, across NGO’s for community development and across a nation to host a mega-events like the World Games.

6. Facilitate collaborations and partnerships to solve social needs.
How to facilitate purposeful volunteering and create synergies across agencies and a wide range of practitioners in the sector.

7. Youth Volunteering- Collaboration and corporate partnerships
How to prepare organisations and youth with corporate partnerships and engage corporates in your youth program

Plenary Session: “Stronger together”

Plenary Session: “Stronger together” (90 minutes)
What are the benefits of multi-sector and cross-cultural collaboration and what barriers do we need to overcome in diverse forms of partnerships to UNLOCK THE POWER OF VOLUNTEERING?
Let’s have a conversation about cross-sector partnerships, cross-cultural collaboration and engagement across demographics.

• HEEKYUNG JO MIN, Executive Vice President of Global CSR Management at CJ Cheiljedang Corporation
• VICHIEN PHONGSATHORN, Chairman of Premier Group of Companies
• MICHELLE KITNEY, Chief Executive, Volunteering New Zealand
Moderator: SACHAL ANEJA, Asia-Pacific Corporate Engagement Manager, VSO
Heekyung Jo Min
Sachal Aneja
Vichien Phongsathorn
Michelle Kitney

Closing Ceremony

12.30 - 12.45 Presentation : Key Takeaways of 16th IAVE Asia Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference by Stephanie Mueller, Conference Program Coordinator
12.45 - 13.00 Presentation : IAVE World Volunteer Conference 2020 by The Emirates Foundation
13.00 - 13.10 Closing Remark by IAVE Nichole Cirillo, Executive Director
13.10 - 13.20 Closing Remark by Volunteer Spirit Network Nuntinee Malanon, Manager
13.20 - 13.30 Wrap up Video Presentation
Nichole Cirillo
Hussain Al Balooshi

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Conference Report 16th IAVE Asia Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference Bangkok 2019



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